About Jesus is Key

   Jesus is Key was created by an Evansville artist Shari Kempf.  She has always had an interest in art and a strong love for Christ.  Her passion for art started at the age of 6 when she began styling each one of her Barbie dolls hair.  From there it grew into drawing, painting, cake decorating, wood burning, Hairdressing & now jewelry etc.!  As her faith grew she felt a strong desire to create a tool that could be used to bring hope to others!
  Jesus is Key started with a desire to design an abstract inspirational tool that would carry a hidden inspirational message.  With the hope that it would intrigue others, then open the door to share that message with them uniting Christians everywhere.  Bringing them hope that our GOD in heaven loves them so very much that He sent His Son to save us from all sin & bring us salvation.  “Jesus is Key” to the gates of heaven.
  Our hope is that Christians everywhere will stand firm together.  We are more powerful against the wickedness and snares of the devil than we are divided!