About Jesus is Key

  Jesus is Key was created by a local Evansville artist Shari Kempf.
  Being a Hairdresser she constantly hears of all the division that is in our world today!  She knew that the devil was responsible for all of it!  The devil knows that his battle is so much easier when there is separation.   The one VERY important thing that all Christians have in common is knowing that “Jesus is Key” to our salvation.  She then felt a very strong desire to create a tool that could be used to bring unity to all Christians so they can share that message of hope the key carries to others.  That my friend the devil will hate!
  Jesus is Key is an abstract inspirational line of products that carry a hidden message, in hopes that it could be used as a tool to share that hidden message to others & unite Christians everywhere.  Giving people hope that our God in heaven loves them so much, He sent His only Son to save us from all sin & His Son is our key to heaven & our unity is the biggest fear the devil has.
We aim to unite & fight!