Jesus is Key is a spin on an old skeleton key.  Designed purposely to be a bit abstract in hopes of opening a conversation and in turn the door to the message it holds.It is truly our dream that when others WILL ask and one simply responds, “Jesus is Key.”

Shari Kempf

The Inspiration Behind Jesus is Key

Jesus is Key products…

are an artistic interpretation of a traditional old fashion skeleton key. Designed by Evansville artist Shari Kempf. Her goal was to create an inspirational line that is intentionally abstract to be used to bring hope to others. We designed our “KEY” so it would need to be explained!  This is exactly how it was intended.  We are hoping it will intrigue others to ask about it, or one can just us it as a tool to start that sometimes difficult conversation.

Our goal is to continually add new product to reach all of God’s children!

Jesus is Key is an spin on an old fashion skeleton key.  You have to look very closely, this key carries a very powerful inspirational hidden message.  The head of this key says “JESUS,” the body of this key says “IS,” the base of this key says “KEY.”  Last, but not least, if you come back up above the head of the key you will find the “CROWN” of thorns.


Jesus is Key LLC ®


  • Faith Based

    Our number one goal is to Open the Door of Christ to others.

  • Small Business Focused

    We strive to support the small businesses that make our communities a stronger place.

Jesus is Key

  Jesus is Key was created by Evansville local Shari Kempf who has always had an interest in art and a strong love for the Lord.  Her passion for art started at the young age of 6, when she began styling each of her Barbie doll’s hair.  From there it grew into drawing, painting, wood burning, cake decorating, Hairdressing and now jewelry!
  This journey started with a desire to design a tool that could be used to share the hope of Christ’s love to others. While creating this inspirational line of products, we remained dedicated to carrying a very broad range of options, not to leave out anyone who wishes to share their Christ with others.

Now than ever we need hope!  Hope in the chaos!  Jesus is Key is a gift that bring us hope give us a mission to spread God’s unconditional love to others. Use the map above to find a local partner near you.

Posh on Main

330 Main St. Suite B
Evansville, IN. 47708

Flowers and More

1000 W. Franklin St.
Evansville, IN. 47710
Bridges of Hope
601 Main St. #A
Mt. Vernon, IN. 47620

Here’s what our customers have to say

Love how Shari Kempf is so inspirational in all she does with her jewelry & in her life!

Jesus is Key would be an awesome gift!

I love Jesus is the Key ministry Shari Kempf has made with her jewelry design. Please share.

Jesus is Key is a great conversation starter!

Beautiful message.

Shari Kempf is not only a member of my Parish, but an AMAZING artist!! I simply cannot get enough, of her ever evolving designs!! What a beautiful and unique way to show and spread your love ❤
What I love about my Jesus is Key necklace is sharing it with first-time viewers. They don’t see the message right away, just like I did. Then with a subtle hint, I love their expression when they recognize the message, Jesus is Key. I think we all have at one time or another gone through times when we think Jesus or God is not walking with us in our journey of life. Your piece is a reminder to us that he is always in front of our eyes, we just need to slow down and take notice.

I ❤️ my Jesus is Key pendant! I mentioned it enough my family bought it for me for my
birthday this year. I think it’s an awe-inspiring idea and a great way to represent Jesus’ role in my life. I’m also honored to know the creator of Jesus is Key! I have been asked a couple of times about it and loved sharing the meaning. My next purchase will probably be the stamped ring!

What a beautiful piece of jewelry and unique design!

I love wearing them!

I have a prayer table and I love having Jesus is Key Jewlery part of it. Just beautiful! Thank you Shari!

Awesome Designer!

I met Shari at a craft show in Grayville, IL. She shared her story of how Jesus Is Key came about. She and I are both cancer survivors, and we traded our cancer stories. The design is so unique, and the message of faith behind it is so awesome! I bought a bracelet, then went to another show I knew she would be at, because I wanted to add a necklace. I love my Jesus Is Key jewelry!

I love mine!

Awesome message with the Jesus is Key!

I have a Jesus is Key necklace and I wear it all the time. The Jesus is Key is a beautiful piece of jewelry with a big message!

Shari Kempf I received my beautiful Jesus is Key bracelet from Rusty and Stacey for Christmas!! I absolutely love it!!!

I love my bracelet.  I wear it almost every day.  What a reminder Jesus is Key and is with me every day.

Steve finally received his birthday present. It is a custom made/ hand engraved Jesus Is Key ring. It is awesome❤️ and he loves it. Thank you Shari Kempf!